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Ancient Meets Modern: Forever is Now Pyramids' Art Exhibition

The iconic Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are currently hosting a monumental new art exhibition titled "Forever is Now." Curated by Nadine Abdel Ghaffar of Cairo's Art D'Égypte, the outdoor show features 14 international artists whose work connects Egypt's ancient past with contemporary issues.

Forever is Now | Art D’Égypte

With free admission, the exhibition includes many thought-provoking installations. Dutch artist Sabine Marcelis created a glass sculpture named "RA" after the Egyptian sun god.


The rectilinear form references both Egypt's legacy as the birthplace of the sundial, as well as the potential of solar glass to harness renewable energy in the present day.


Other notable works bridge ancient mythology and modern technology, sparking dialogue about the role of AI and innovations like blockchain. By juxtaposing the enduring majesty of the pyramids with cutting-edge art, "Forever is Now" celebrates Egypt's dual status as both an ancient civilisation and an evolving modern nation. The exhibition captures the timeless spirit of a culture in transition, one with a rich history and an exciting future.

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