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Drake reveals the long-awaited release date for 'For All the Dogs'

It's official! After sending the internet into a frenzy with ambiguous hints which many interpreted as pointing to August 25th, Drake has put an end to all speculations. He's set the record straight, announcing that his highly-anticipated album, "For All the Dogs," is slated for release on September 22.

The Grammy-winning artist took a deeply personal approach to this announcement. Fans were treated to a heartwarming video on social media that showcased a throwback moment: Drake's father, Dennis Graham, performing on a Canadian TV show called "Stormy Monday With Danny Marks."

© Marcelo Hernandez | Getty Images | Lollapalooza, Chile (2023)

But why the initial confusion over the release date? The answer lies in an event from his recent "It’s All a Blur Tour." Speaking to a packed Seattle audience on August 25, Drake addressed the swirling rumours, clarifying, “I never claimed the album would drop on that day. I merely said its arrival was imminent. Don’t hold it against me.”

Eager to reassure his fans, the artist fondly referred to as Drake shared:

“The wait won't be for much longer. While I've been engrossed in my shows, I’ve also been putting the final touches on the album. 'For All the Dogs' is en route, and even if you’ve been on the fence about my past work, I truly believe this one will resonate with you. It’s worth every tick of the clock.”

Interestingly, a now-deleted tweet from Amazon Music had previously "confirmed" the album drop for August 25, fuelling the fire of fan theories and speculations.

Amazon Music | Deleted Tweet “Confirming” Release Date

Mark your calendars, and stay tuned – "For All the Dogs" promises to be another chapter in Drake's record-breaking career, arriving on September 22.

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