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Celina Sequeira was Created To Create

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to Celina (@celinaxsequeira), also known as @ceezuscreative, a talented content creator whose passion knows no bounds. In this exclusive interview, Celina takes us on a captivating exploration of her path from a high school GoPro enthusiast to a self-taught multimedia content creator, sharing her remarkable growth and the valuable lessons she's learned along the way.

A Leap of Faith

Celina's artistic odyssey began when she acquired her first GoPro in high school. Instantly captivated by the power of content creation, she made the courageous decision in early 2022 to leave her social media management job and wholeheartedly pursue her dreams as a self-taught creator. With unwavering determination, she dedicated herself to learning from others and immersing herself in the wealth of knowledge available on platforms like YouTube, expanding her skills in various creative domains.

From Freelancer to Published Artist

As a freelance multimedia content creator for over a year now, Celina's work has reached incredible heights, gracing platforms such as Nike SNKRS & Sportswear, Dazed, Hypebeast, and more. She looks back on her journey with immense pride, recognizing the significant growth she has achieved in such a short span of time. Along the way, Celina has had the privilege of connecting with remarkable individuals who have not only inspired her but also imparted invaluable wisdom and knowledge, shaping her artistic vision and fostering personal growth.

A Global Path of Creativity

Celina's creative aspirations extend far beyond the borders of South Africa. With boundless enthusiasm, she eagerly embraces the global stage, seeking to leave her artistic imprint on diverse corners of the world. Her drive to explore new avenues of creativity knows no bounds, and she welcomes every opportunity that allows her to push the boundaries of her craft.


"The Fiends debut in South Africa at RockingTheDaisies" (2022)

In this electrifying content piece, Celina captures the debut performance of international artists @thefiends featuring @bas, @guapdad4000, @buddy, and @cozz at Rocking The Daisies. It marked Celina's first opportunity to capture and edit content for a high-profile international performance. Eagerly looking to the future, she aspires to be present at more international events as a content creator, fueling her passion for capturing the essence of unforgettable musical experiences.

"Edson" Nike Sportswear x Patta (2022)

Celina's lens captures the essence of Edson's journey during his trip to South Africa, as part of the team capturing @edsonbarbapapa's collaboration with Nike Air Max 1 in partnership with Patta. Through her artistry, Celina brings to life the fusion of fashion and culture, delivering a visually captivating content piece that encapsulates the spirit of this unique collaboration.

"TxC in Braam" Budweiser South Africa (2022)

Utilizing her skills in Adobe After Effects, Celina took on the role of director, orchestrating a memorable scene featuring TxC jumping out of a 'fake' Budweiser billboard. This collaboration between Budweiser South Africa and the FIFA World Cup allowed Celina to showcase her creative prowess and contribute to an exhilarating campaign. Being part of the team on set was not only a fun experience but also a tremendous honour for Celina.

"Last Dance" (2023)

This powerful image captured by Celina during Costa Titch's final performance serves as a poignant reminder for herself and others to pursue their passions and savor every precious moment. The image encapsulates the energy and emotion of the last dance, symbolising the importance of cherishing and embracing the love for what one does.

"Big Bubble" (2023)

Celina's lens turns towards @Desiree_RSA, capturing mesmerizing images at the Nike Air Max pre-launch in Johannesburg. One particular image of Desiree caught Nike Sportswear's attention, leading to its feature on the global Instagram page of @NikeSportswear. This milestone became a standout moment in Celina's career, as it materialized her childhood dream of being recognized by her favorite brand, Nike. It serves as a testament that dreams can indeed become a reality with dedication and unwavering passion.


Celina's talent for content creation shines through in each of these remarkable pieces. From capturing international artists' exhilarating performances to immersing herself in collaborations with renowned brands, Celina's work showcases her ability to convey the essence of diverse experiences through her lens. As she continues to pursue her passion for creativity, we eagerly anticipate the future content pieces she will create, capturing moments that resonate with audiences around the world.


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