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Case Study: Our Role in the Smirnoff Storm Room Stage at ULTRA South Africa 2024

The Smirnoff Storm Room Stage takes on Ultra South Africa 2024


ULTRA South Africa 2024, in collaboration with our valued client Smirnoff, ascended to unprecedented heights as the continent's preeminent electronic music festival. This year's spectacle in Cape Town and Johannesburg was a testament to the power of collaboration, blending pulsating sounds, energy, and a sense of unity among thousands of attendees.

Ultra South Africa 2024 Smirnoff Storm Room

The Smirnoff Storm Room Stage, a focal point of the festival, showcased an array of exceptional talent, including DBN Gogo, Kabza De Small, KOOLDRINK, and LELOWHATSGOOD, underlining Smirnoff's commitment to culture and spirited musical experiences. The festival was further enriched by lively performances from global icons and local stars alike, offering a unique blend of international and African beats.



"We created over 350 Content Pieces over 2 days."

A comprehensive content creation strategy, in partnership with Smirnoff, brought the festival's electric atmosphere to life. A total of 333 Instant Content images and 19 Instant Content Videos were produced across both locations, capturing the essence of the festival with immediacy and flair. The highlight was the creation of an Aftermovie, uniting the best moments from both cities into a singular, captivating narrative.


Live Edits


Cape Town




This year, ULTRA South Africa didn't just celebrate electronic music; it celebrated the fusion of cultures, innovation, and the enduring partnership between Smirnoff and the festival. Looking forward, this collaboration sets the stage for future events that promise to captivate, unite, and inspire.




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