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BROKE Wear's Boot-ylicious Bonanza: A Tour of Style, Streetwear & Soul

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

In the realm of streetwear, a captivating synergy exists between style and hype. The days of enduring serpentine queues for limited-edition treasures might be fading, as streetwear brands seek innovative avenues for product launches that transcend mere shopping transactions.

Broke Wear
© beatthemeattt

Embedded within outstanding streetwear labels lies a strong sense of community. Consider the vibrant culture nurtured by Supreme's urban skate lovers, propelling the brand into its audaciously favoured stance today. Similarly, CRTZ stands as a prime illustration of the 'local protagonist' challenger brand model. It epitomizes the prevailing sentiment that larger corporations, particularly to the youth, have become disconnected from the populace. In the realm of fashion, where brands often outgrow their origins, CRTZ stands in stark contrast. As previously highlighted, CRTZ isn't merely a member of the community; it seamlessly integrates within it. Let's turn to BROKE Wear.

Broke Wear
© Henry Goodfellow

In this context, differentiation necessitates a brand to venture beyond the conventional to enrapture its audience. A prime illustration is BROKE, an endeavour that arose from a negative concept and transformed it into a unifying force. Birthed in Cape Town by Broke Boys in 2016 and officially introduced in 2020, BROKE embraces rebels, misfits, youth, and all those defying extraordinary odds to chase grand aspirations. It draws inspiration from authentic life encounters, interwoven with strong influences from the 90s and pop culture. BROKE seeks to offer the youth an encounter that surpasses mere garments. By amalgamating elements from the past, present, and future, BROKE shapes the youth's unique interpretation of the present era. The brand aspires to transcend the confines of race, nationality, gender, and culture, asserting that being BROKE signifies a rebellious departure from conforming to norms.

Now, imagine the narrative of this unyielding spirit materialising into an event that traversed the urban landscapes of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Vaal, Durban, and Port Elizabeth—a journey known as Broke's Boot Sale. It was not just a series of transactions; it was a testament to the enduring camaraderie and shared values that BROKE stands for. As the tour weaved through these cities, it became a tangible embodiment of the brand's ethos, resonating with individuals who identify with its ethos. The Boot Sale wasn't just about trading clothing; it was a vibrant convergence of stories, dreams, and aspirations—a living testament to the rebellion against the ordinary.

© Tshireletso Calvin Dithipe


As the realm of streetwear continues to evolve, with brands like BROKE leading the charge by redefining conventions and cultivating a sense of belonging that goes beyond the fabric. As the landscape shifts, one thing remains certain: the synergy between style and sentiment will continue to shape the narrative of streetwear culture for years to come.


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