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Take a look at Brent Faiyaz’s Quentin Tarantino-Inspired “Jackie Brown” Music Video

Brent Faiyaz's track titled "Jackie Brown" not only emerged as a favorite among his fans from his second album "Wasteland," but also played a pivotal role in shaping the entire album's direction. Throughout the creation of the album, Faiyaz found significant inspiration in Quentin Tarantino's crime drama film of 1997, "Jackie Brown," and decided to incorporate its essence into one of his own musical pieces.

Reflecting on this, the vocalist shared with Vogue last year, “I immersed myself in Tarantino's cinematic works, particularly 'Jackie Brown,' which I watched repeatedly. I also found myself engrossed in the film 'Vanilla Sky,' drawing considerable influence from these sources.”

Brent Faiyaz
Quentin Tarantino | Jackie Brown

Presently, a music video has surfaced for the aforementioned track, adeptly capturing the chic ambiance of the 1990s, reminiscent of the impactful movie. Directed by Lonewolf & Mark Peaced, the visual narrative commences with Faiyaz depicted against a backdrop suffused with crimson hues while aboard a flight. Upon his arrival, he swiftly embarks on a journey by car, leading him directly to a hair salon, where he seeks rejuvenation.

The chorus of the song resonates with the lyrics, “Mere hours have elapsed, yet they felt akin to days / A handful of days transpired, seeming akin to months / A year's absence, scarcely a line composed / Life accelerates when pursuing your desires.”

Brent Faiyaz
Brent Faiyaz | Wasteland Album

Following his 2020 offering "F*ck The World," Faiyaz's "Wasteland" made its debut on streaming platforms in July 2022. Comprising a collection of 19 tracks, the album boasted collaborations with notable figures such as DJ Dahi, Tyler the Creator, Alicia Keys, Drake, The Neptunes, and others.

Feel free to view the music video for Brent Faiyaz’s composition "Jackie Brown" above, showcasing his artistic interpretation.

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