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Botter Paris: A Haute Couture Collaboration with Nature

Botter Paris is not just a fashion label; it's a poignant chorus of music, literature, culinary arts, and ancestral origins that together resonate with the multifaceted vibrancy of Caribbean culture. The brand's identity, bathed in 'Caribbean Couture' spirit, draws inspiration from the tenets of Arte Povera—emphasising raw, authentic beauty. This, coupled with a deep-seated sustainability consciousness, forms the heart of Botter Paris.

Born from the Caribbean's biologically diverse marine realms, the brand's DNA pulsates with a love for the ocean. It is a love so profound that Botter Paris refuses to idly stand by and witness the waters' pollution. Their mission transcends fashion: it's about cherishing and safeguarding nature in its purest, most majestic forms.

© Botter Paris
Rushemy Botter & Lisi Herrebrugh

At the helm of this audacious voyage are Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter. This dynamic duo, a confluence of Belgian and Dutch tailoring finesse, introduces a distinct brand of luxury to their menswear label. Their creations, edgy and embracing, are a manifestation of their multicultural influences. Like vivacious strokes on a canvas, their designs are bold, drenched in colour, and exude positivity.

To immerse oneself in Botter Paris is to peek into Lisi and Rushemy's personal diaries. Their perspective on the world, untainted and direct, comes alive with each piece. And as the curling wave of reflection crashes, the salient importance of brands like Botter emerges—brands that not only design but also champion the critical cause of our planet's conservation. In Botter, we find the blueprint for a world that marries aesthetics with the sacred duty to preserve and protect.


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