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BlockBoy 'N Friend$ x EB Motors: A Cultural Symphony in Art, Fashion & Cars

This event transcended the traditional showroom expansion to pay tribute to innovation and creativity in the luxury sphere, with BlockBoy at the forefront of this artistic revolution.

EB Motors BlockBoy 'N Friend$ CeeTheKreator

The EB Motors Showroom Expansion Celebration in Sandton was not just a milestone for luxury automotive enthusiasts but a groundbreaking event that showcased the dynamic fusion of art, fashion, and high-end automobiles, with a special focus on the visionary world of BlockBoy 'N Friend$.


Central to the celebration was the unveiling of a unique collaboration that captured everyone's attention: a McLaren, transformed into a breathtaking work of art by CeeTheKreator, as well as, a Porsche wrapped in the Ver$e. These masterpieces served as a vivid example of the night's theme, where the worlds of automotive engineering and creative artistry meet, embodying the spirit of BlockBoy's innovative and eclectic universe.


The fashion aspect of the evening was highlighted by Boyde's runway show, designed by Samkelo Boyde Xaba, which seamlessly integrated with the BlockBoy 'N Friend$ ethos of blending cultural significance with luxury and style.

EB Motors BlockBoy 'N Friend$ CeeTheKreator

This fashion showcase, set against EB Motors' backdrop of luxurious automobiles and artistic excellence, underscored the event's celebration of creativity, luxury, and African cultural pride.


The narrative of EB Motors' growth from its humble origins to a leading luxury car showroom underscores a story of ambition and success. The expanded showroom, featuring a cutting-edge light tunnel, represents not just the brand's physical growth but also its evolution into a lifestyle brand that intersects luxury cars with the vibrant world of BlockBoy 'N Friend$.

EB Motors BlockBoy 'N Friend$ CeeTheKreator

Diogo Mendonça (Left)


The event, meticulously curated by Diogo Mendonca, symbolised a pivotal moment for EB Motors, transitioning towards a lifestyle brand that encapsulates a broader experience beyond luxury automobiles. It celebrated the intersection of luxury, art, and fashion, with BlockBoy 'N Friend$' unique artistic vision leading the way, signalling a new era where luxury living is redefined through the lens of art and creativity.


Find BlockBoy 'N Friend$ on:

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Scenes from the Night


Find BlockBoy 'N Friend$ on:

Instagram & shop the collection & more here


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