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See the essence of Nike's Air Max Day "MAXXED OUT", by Blacksmith Creative Collective

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

As Blacksmith Creative Collective had the pleasure of documenting Nike’s Air Max Day campaign "MAXXED OUT" an annual celebration of Air Max innovation this year.

Through this campaign, our high-quality content gained global recognition as it was featured on Nike Sportswear, garnering over 400,000 views, demonstrating our capacity to capture the moment and produce cutting-edge trendy content.

MAXXED OUT moments of magic, resulted in a collection of over 500 captivating images over two evenings.

© Blacksmith Collective
© Blacksmith Collective
It Ain't Air Max Day Without Fashion

Get a glimpse of the stylish outfits captured by our team.

Immersing ourselves in the energy of Maxxed Out, our team skillfully captured the vibrant vibe and captivating scenes of the event. Through our lens, we brought to life the exploration, potential, and innovation that permeated every corner, delivering a visual experience that truly showcased the essence of it.

Melodic Masters: The Unforgettable Musicians Who Lit Up the Stages

Explore the gifted musicians who performed across the stages.

Behind our lens, the spirit of Maxxed Out came alive through our aftermovie. Seamlessly blending stills, motion, and the essence of exploration, we crafted a visual narrative to showcase the potential, innovation, and courage that defines Air Max Day.


See more of our work here.


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