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In focus with Austin Malema

Austin Malema isn't just another photographer; he's an emblem of South African flair. Starting humbly by capturing moments at events, Austin's prowess with the lens soon opened doors to a world glittering with musicians, actors, and luminaries. And it wasn't just about the clicks and flashes; for him, every shot was an opportunity to tell a story.

© Austin Malema
© Austin Malema

Originating from the serene landscapes of rural Venda, Austin transitioned to the bustling city of Johannesburg during his adolescence. His deep connection to his homeland and its vast culture reflects in every frame. Holding a distinguished BA Honors Degree in Motion Picture Medium from AFDA, his talents aren’t restricted to photography alone. As an editor, Austin's keen eye contributed to projects like the SAFTA award and Student Academy Award-nominated film, 'Kanyekanye'.

"Photography today goes beyond just capturing moments. It’s about portraying the diversity and depth of our nation. Contrary to dated perceptions, Africa isn't just a wilderness. Thanks to social media, the world now sees the profound beauty and boundless creativity African youth exudes."

Join us as we dive deep into the world of Austin Malema, celebrating some of his most enchanting works that beautifully encapsulate the true essence of South Africa.


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