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Art History meets Football: Louis Bever's Intimate Portraiture

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

In the dynamic world of art history and football, a London-based photographer, Louis Bever, skillfully weaves a tapestry of history and creativity in his intimate portraiture. Merging his passion for art history and love for the beautiful game, Bever embarks on a quest to subvert traditional portraiture and forge a unique artistic expression.

© Louis Bever
© Louis Bever

Rooted in a nomadic upbringing, Bever's multicultural background adds depth to his creative vision. Born in Germany and raised across France and Italy, he experienced firsthand how football transcends borders and languages, uniting people from diverse backgrounds. Football became a universal language, a thread that bound individuals together, irrespective of their tongues. For Bever, art and football are inseparable companions, each influencing the other in a mesmerising symbiosis. "When I see a painting I like, I need to find a shirt that fits it and vice versa," he explains, showcasing the interplay of his artistic inspirations.

Reflecting on his personal connection to football, Bever recounts a childhood shaped by constant relocation due to his father's work. In the diverse tapestry of European countries, football emerged as a unifying force, offering a means to forge friendships and connect with others, even across language barriers. Football became an integral part of his life, with cherished memories tied to different teams, each echoing the places he called home.

© Louis Bever
© Louis Bever

Bever's captivating photographic approach centers on vintage football shirts, especially those from the 1980s to the mid-2000s. Nostalgia permeates these iconic kits, evoking memories of his father's era and his own formative years. The allure of bygone football aesthetics resonates deeply, and he finds beauty in the classic shapes and colors that harmonize with the essence of historical paintings.


In each portrait, Bever encapsulates a profound sense of timelessness, intertwining art, and sport in a harmonious symphony. The vintage kits serve as tangible links to the past, stirring emotions that echo through the decades. As the lens captures the essence of art history and football in unison, Louis Bever's portraiture stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity. It unveils the magic of shared experiences, transcending time and space, and immortalises the unifying spirit of the beautiful game.


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