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Andrew Mkize was Created To Create

Celebrating Creativity with the Blacksmith Culture Collective

We are continually in pursuit of celebrating the creativity of South African creatives and beyond. Through the "Created To Create" initiative, we laud individuals like Andrew Mkize who redefine the contours of creativity and inspire others with their ideas.

Andrew Mkize

Chasing the tender age of 25, Andrew Mkize stands as a self-taught photographer, from the East Rand of Johannesburg. His formative years were spent in and around the communities of Benoni and Springs. Growing up amidst the rich cultures, landscapes, and a diverse cast of characters that define the East Rand, Andrew discovered an endless well of inspiration. Armed with his camera, he took on a mission to unveil the untold stories of this place he lovingly calls home, using visuals to convey tales that words alone cannot capture.

His path into photography was almost serendipitous.

Blending elements of documentary and artistic photography, and fuelled by a never-ending passion for fashion photography, Andrew Mkize's unique style emerges as a reflection of his creative journey. His path into photography was almost serendipitous – born out of sheer frustration with outsourcing photographers for outfit shoots, he and his best friend, Ntokozo Zwane, ventured into a 50/50 partnership, investing in an entry-level camera to capture their content themselves. Little did he know that this would mark the beginning of his odyssey.


In the world of photography, Andrew draws inspiration from artists; Anthony Bila, Justice Muhkeli, Zander Opperman, Daniel Arnold, and Noah Dillion. As he looks ahead to the future, Mkize's upcoming ventures for the year include the exciting prospect of producing prints of his work and the possibility of hosting an exhibition.


In the spirit of our "Created to Create" initiative, which celebrates the unbounded creativity of individuals like Andrew Mkize, we invite you to delve deeper into his unique journey. Mkize aims to share the captivating narratives of his world through the art of photography.


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