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Andile Phewa was Created To Create

Embracing Creative Excellence with the Blacksmith Culture Collective

Our relentless commitment to honouring the brilliance of South African and global creatives remains untouched. With our "Created To Create" initiative, we pay tribute to individuals such as Andile Phewa who reshape the boundaries of creativity and ignite inspiration with their unmatched vision.

Andile Phewa

Andile Phewa is a seasoned film photographer whose journey began twelve years ago at the Market Photo Workshop in Newtown, Johannesburg. Since then, Andile has emerged a visionary artist, poised to redefine the boundaries of visual narrative, collaborating with renowned brands both in Africa and across the globe.

Andile Phewa

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Andile's path intersected with Ashluxe. It was late October 2022 when he was commissioned to document Ashluxe's Pop-up clothing launch at the Rare Gallery in Cape Town. Entranced by Andile's distinctive film aesthetic, Ashluxe extended an invitation for him to document their travels across the United States. Although initially thwarted by conflicting schedules, fate intervened, and Andile found himself embarking on an 18-day journey through five different states alongside Ashluxe.

Andile Phewa

The culmination of their creative synergy reached new heights in late 2023 when Andile was summoned to Nigeria to capture the essence of Ashluxe's inaugural Runway show, the Kalakuta Republic collection. Inspired by Fela Kuti's indelible legacy, the collection paid homage to Nigeria's vibrant culture and hustle spirit. For Andile, it was a homecoming of sorts—an immersion into the hustle and vibrancy that defines Nigerian life.

Photography is not merely a craft; it is a conduit through which stories are woven, cultures are celebrated.
Andile Phewa

What sets Andile's collaboration with Ashluxe apart is the creative freedom he was afforded in shaping the brand's visual narrative. Treading into the realm of analog photography, Andile has artfully explored diverse mediums such as Super 8mm, 16mm, and 120mm, drawing inspiration from the iconic works of the late Malick Sidibé. Through his lens, Andile infuses Ashluxe's merchandise with a timeless allure, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity.


For Andile Phewa, photography is not merely a craft; it is a conduit through which stories are woven, cultures are celebrated; it is a medium through which he breathes life into narratives, immortalising moments in a timeless continuum. As he continues to traverse the uncharted terrain of visual storytelling, one thing remains certain: his journey serves as an ode to the transformative power of collaboration, creativity, and cultural exchange.


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