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Bubble-Wrapped: Reinventing a Classic with the Adidas Bubble Shell Superstar

Scrolling through Instagram recently, we stumbled upon an unexpected new look for the classic Adidas Superstar sneaker - versions encased in colourful, translucent “Bubble” shells. These plastic coverings take on the iconic shape of the sneaker, complete with moulded details like the signature Three Stripes and distinctive shell toe. Simply slip on a pair of original Superstars into these shells, and the contours align perfectly to give the classic shoes a slick, modern edge.

Adidas Bubble Shell Superstar

Reactions to what some are calling the "Bubble Shell Superstars" seem divided amongst sneakerheads so far. While some aren’t feeling the flashy new covers, believing they detract from the original varsity-inspired style, others are intrigued by the graphic update and considering copping Superstars just to sport the additional shells. As for the initial enthusiast who discovered these intriguing new versions on social media, he’s fully in favor - the creative covers breathe new energy into a true staple, acting as a vibrant protective jacket for the legendary sneaker beneath.


Rumours suggest these covered-up Superstars will drop in multiple colourways before 2023 concludes. Judging from the first glimpse making internet rounds, shoppers can expect the Bubble Shells in eye-catching hues of mint, orange, purple, classic black, and more. Some feature gradient shifts between two bold tones, while others contrast dominantly with black external shells.


Whichever vibrant combo drops first, the Adidas Superstar seems poised to start off 2024 with a radically playful new look rooted in nostalgia. This fusion of classic appeal and experimental covers represents more proof that an iconic design, even when encased for protection, need not lose its core identity and timeless draw.

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