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2Shoes: The Multifaceted Maestro of Afro-Fusion

The qwhi or the qwha from Johannesburg, the prodigious talent of 2Shoes has dazzled audiences globally. A multifaceted virtuoso, he is not just a prodigious DJ and producer but also a visionary visual artist and designer. His artistry is deeply entrenched in his South African roots, which shine luminously through his music. As he weaves together Afro House, Amapiano, Afrobeats, and the Western Alternative Dance sound, listeners are taken on a musical odyssey that is both unique and familiar.

Today, we celebrate the launch of his debut EP, 'The Real African Summer Vol. 1'. This collection isn't merely a testament to 2Shoes’s unparalleled ability to blend genres, but also a vivid reflection of Africa’s rich musical fabric. Further underscoring his commitment to the continent's diverse soundscapes, this EP proudly stands as the inaugural release on his new label, 'A World In Flames.' Envisioned as a beacon for African artists, this label is dedicated to echoing the myriad voices of African creatives, bringing their art and culture to the forefront.

2Shoes's influence isn't just restricted to the world of music. His collaborations with renowned brands like Nike, Daily Paper, and Jagermeister, as well as events like Cottonfest in South Africa, affirm his dedication to propagating culture and fostering positive global vibes.

How are you not streaming it when it's available on all major platforms?

'The Real African Summer Vol. 1' is more than just an EP—it's a cross-continental voyage, amplifying the vibrant heart and soul of African artistry.


Dive in and let the rhythms transport you:

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