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'OMG' 2LeeStark & DA L.E.S Bring the Heat with New Single

2LeeStark, seasoned since childhood in the art of rap, drops his latest hit "OMG," a collaboration with hip-hop legend DA L.E.S. Inspired by a childhood rich in music, thanks to his father's extensive CD collection, Stark has been a force in the scene since 2009.

2LeeStark OMG

The single, "OMG," is poised to capture the essence of the South African summer, offering an anthem that speaks to the discreet thrills of romance in the digital age. Teasing the release, Stark shares a lyric snippet:


"Cruising through the city and we vibing on the low.

I ain't gotta tell my homies, ain’t nobody gotta know.

You can keep your friends guessing, you know how the gossip go.

We goin' keep this thing a secret lemme take off all them clothes."

'OMG' Marks a New Era for 2LeeStark and DA L.E.S

This North Side collaboration not only showcases 2LeeStark's lyrical prowess but also features the illustrious DA L.E.S, whose presence amplifies the track's energy. Behind the scenes, the single boasts the creativity of author Ndumiso Nkululeko Buthelezi, the seasoned ear of producer The Gobbla, and the compositional talents of Ezra Murembeni.


Released on March 22, 2024, "OMG" resonates as a celebration of love, life, and music.


Find 2LeeStark on:

Twitter Phone: 068 041 2073

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